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Are you sick and tired of feeling undermined because of your English language?
Here’s how to improve your language skills to achieve the lifestyle you deserve

So, you came to the UK to build a new life, find a nice job, make lots of money, buy a house and have a prosperous future.

That’s honourable and exciting, but maybe you have found out that is not as easy as you thought.

Firstly, you realise that your basic English is not good enough to cope with daily activities such as, filling up forms, talking on the phone, going to interviews etc; but you carry on as best as you can thinking ‘I’ll learn on the job’.

Secondly, you find a job that helps to pay the bills which, whilst admirable, means you must work long hours probably for minimum wage. You may not feel confident enough to get a better paid job or the job you have studied for in your home-country  and are obliged to settle for what your current circumstances allow.

Thirdly, time passes by so quickly that you have learned a bit of English to survive but you find yourself stuck as you realise your English is not at the desired level of fluency that will give you the confidence in finding better paid and more rewarding work.

The real problem is that to compete and be outstanding in a striving and exacting city like London we must be able to communicate in a fluent and confident manner to be able to make the most of the opportunities on offer.

This means that if you find yourself in this standstill situation – you know you can do better with your life but your language skills are holding you back  – you should consider enrolling in an English course to improve your chances of success and move towards your desired future.

And that’s exactly what our English courses provide. Click below to read more…

Preparation to Cambridge Exam (12 weeks)

Intensive English Course (6 weeks)

English Summer

Our courses are based in London, Central and South East. We also offer flexible, distance learning delivery.

We also offer tailored English language programme solutions for organisations who wish to invest in their workforce and improve business performance.

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