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When you apply for a course with Opera Rita, you will need to consider, and we will take into account: • Whether the course that you are applying for is right for you, because our courses are for people at specific stage of their careers. • Your commitment to participate in the whole course. This is because if some people are unable to attend this diminishes the experience for the other members of the participant group. • You must be willing to work constructively with a diverse group of people. Our courses are designed for a mix of people from a wide range of backgrounds, range of experiences and communities and this is essential to the learning process and its outcomes. Please provide the following information to allow us to form groups that reflect our commitment to provide a diverse and constructive learning experience. We value diversity on our courses and positively encourage applications from all sections of the community.
If you have any disability or particular requirement that requires us to make a reasonable adjustment to enable you to fully participate in the course, please tick the box and we will get in touch to discuss it with you
Please describe any special needs of which we should be aware
We are delighted to be able to offer you a choice of how you can pay your course fees. In all cases, course fees are payable in advance, either in full prior to the start of the course or in equal payments starting with a first payment prior to the start of your course, plus your registration fee. If you leave your course early, then it may be too late for us to find an alternative student to take your place and accordingly you will be liable to us for the fees that would have been payable by you. This is not a penalty, but represents a genuine pre-estimate of the losses we would suffer in this situation. Please also note that during any informal or formally arranged Interruption of Studies, stage payments must continue to be paid, as agreed at the start of the course. Please tick the appropriate payment option
Please tick the appropriate box
Please provide the name of the Sponsor who will be paying for your course
I confirm that in signing this application I have read and understood the terms and conditions listed below (click on the link), and that I fully agree to them. I am committed to attend the course and I understand that failure to do so may jeopardise my ability to achieve the qualification I chose.
All data collected by completing this form will be processed in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and will never be shared with 3rd parties.
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