3 Steps Process for Developing Resilience in the Face of Adversity

My logical thinking took an interesting direction this week.

Here are my thoughts:

– All men face adversities

– Adversity forces men to observe, think and take action


– by taking action, men find new opportunities for change.

While considering how managers and entrepreneurs react to adversity in their daily challenges, I remembered the writing of Prof. J. Burgoyne (1999) when he said that ‘a manager should learn on behalf of the organisation and then help the organisation implement the learning’.

In this context  learning means to observe the situation around us, think and adapt business routines to keep up with the demand of the business environment and then generate new ideas, taking action to develop new opportunities for change.  The development of a ‘learning organisation’ or a ‘learning persona’ creates a balanced business environment where all stakeholders are, therefore, satisfied.

In the active process ofobsthinkact


we uncover the foundation for developing resilience in the face of adversities.

The opportunity for changing our current situation is there to be taken, we must develop the habit of looking around us and move towards new directions.

The act of moving breaks the stillness generated by the adversity and therefore it opens new doors for fresh opportunities.

Conclusion: We become Creative!!!

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