Leadership Reading: The Future of Talent

Attracting and retaining staff in organisations is a challenge leaders and business owners are facing in our fast-changing economy. The Round Table discussion with some of the leading experts in leadership, published by Management Today in November 2016, provided us with some insights on how to prepare for it and some ideas on how to cope with this concerns.

Below the main takers for me:

– focus on internal talent economy to built a sense of business reciprocity

– give people purpose and they will self-organise to deliver

– find talent through diversity beyond just gender or ethnicity

– become a ‘personal’ organisation by looking at different propositions for career pathways and reward strategies

– leave behind the factory metaphor and avoid compromising with your working life(for both leaders and employees)

– leaders make better decisions when they involve others at different levels other than their own

– it is good to say ‘ I don’t know the answer to this’

– generate employees’ trust by engaging with them, make good connections and surround yourself with a broadly diverse team to expand horizons.

The role of leadership is evolving. We must engage closely with our teams to be able to understand our employees’ strengths and ensure talent is retained and nursed.

It would be beneficial to pursue our team’s interests and divert their passion into the organisation to develop new skills, capabilities and leadership to match the requirements of our changing economy.

For a more comprehensive reading of the full article follow this link.


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In the Spirit of Gratitude

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

That is why in the run up to Christmas and in the spirit of gratitude for all that I received this year I am offering for the next 3 weeks my time and expertise for training and development advice, coaching, career’s change guidance and personal counselling.
If you are planning a big change in your career, if you have a goal to achieve and you feel stuck, if you are considering new directions of studies, or if you simply want to chat to clear your mind about new ideas, I am here to serve you.

Please email me at: r.carta@operaritaltd.com to book some time.

With Gratitude

PS: strict confidentiality rules applies




How to Make the Most of the Festive Season to Strengthen your Working Relationships

It is that time of the year!

It’s wonderful, it’s festive, everyone feels more disposed to kindness and good deeds. We are constantly bombarded with adverts that emotionally stimulate us to buy  something for somebody. We even buy gifts to those we don’t really like, directly (Secret Santa) or indirectly (box of chocolate or mince pies for sharing in the office). We even go to lunch with people we hardly speak to, just because is the team’s Christmas lunch, we can’t say no!!! That will be terrible, it will look so bad!!! Read more

3 Steps Process for Developing Resilience in the Face of Adversity

My logical thinking took an interesting direction this week.

Here are my thoughts:

– All men face adversities

– Adversity forces men to observe, think and take action


– by taking action, men find new opportunities for change.

While considering how managers and entrepreneurs react to adversity in their daily challenges, I remembered the writing of Prof. J. Burgoyne (1999) when he said that ‘a manager should learn on behalf of the organisation and then help the organisation implement the learning’. Read more

5 Actions to Keep You Focused While Studying

September has come and with it a very, very early autumn feeling: grey skies, low temperatures, lots of rain.

It’s time to think about studying again!!!

Keeping the focus on learning could be a very exasperating activity and even if you love your subjects, sometimes it is a challenge to keep the attention going and our mind resolutely fixed on our tasks. Read more

How Poetry can Help your English.

The email came at the last minute. A friend of mine texted me to see if I wanted to experience an evening of Poetry reading at the Barbican Library, London.

Now, I know absolutely nothing of poetry. I have a vague memory of my primary school years when we were almost forced to study poetry and then recite it aloud in front of the class. Read more