At OPera Rita we inspire people to develop their potential to build a successful life.

OPera Rita is a Leadership Development organisation that delivers effective and focused training solutions for Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and their teams. We are fully committed to develop people’s potential for improved business performance and career enhancement.

Preparation, commitment, passion and flexibility is the drive of our success.

Our programmes ensure that you will experience the best imaginable exposure to learning by sharing our passion and offering exciting opportunities and strategies for personal and professional grow. Our dedicated tutors are committed to your success and will coach you throughout your studies to achieve your qualification maximising your prospects for a successful future.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of OPera Rita Ltd is:

  • To deliver greatness and empower you for a brilliant future.
  • To enhance your skills and employment opportunities by offering excellent and focused training solutions.
  • To focus on working with people and businesses and inspire them to fulfil their goals.

Our Values

Our vision is supported by our values which are the focus of our enterprises and the base for the achievement of our goals. Our values are:

Openness. We love to continually grow and develop both personally and professionally and we encourage the open exchange of ideas, the sharing of knowledge and experiences to achieve this purpose.

Preparation for a fulfilling and successful life. We focus on continuous learning in general and specialised knowledge and most importantly in promoting a culture of continuous personal discovery to find the perfect balance in life – mental, physical, spiritual and social.

Explore the potential of mind and body. We aim is to utilise our knowledge to develop wisdom in directing our actions to achieve success in every enterprise and support others to find their voice and fulfil their vision.

Respect and Responsibility. We respect our customers and employees ideas, visions, beliefs and cultural differences, by taking responsibility in promoting a continuous example of moral authority while working towards the achievement of personal fulfilment.

Achievement. We strive in assisting our customers and employees in their path of developing self-awareness and wisdom, which in turn, will improve their confidence and freedom to make the right decisions.